Terms and conditions

The company under the name “ ZIZELCHRISTIN GENERAL PARTNERSHIP ” and the distinctive title «ZIZELCHRISTIN» welcomes you to the website of www.zizelchristin.com, through which you can keep up with our products and place your order online.

These terms and conditions of the website are completely compatible with existing European and Greek law. While the users visiting the website, they have received full knowledge of them, accepts them unconditionally and undertakes to comply. As part of compliance with Article 4 of PD 131/2003, the Company informs the following:

Headquarters: Spathari 1, Nea Smirni, 171 21, Athens, Greece

Reg Suppliers by Distance:

Tax code : 802154152

Tax Office: Commercial Companies Athens Office

Contact E-mail: info@zizelchristin.com

The presentation, the selling, the distribution and storage, the delivery and and any returns of our products are displayed in this website. The protection of your privacy and the secure transactions are always governed by those present terms, which we suggest you to read before navigating and purchasing products on our eshop. Navigating, contacting or making any transactions in our eshop, automatically means that you accept unreservedly the terms and conditions of our company. In case of any disagreement or reservation for all or a part of those terms, you can contact us via email at eshop@badila.gr before your navigation or the executions or any transaction, otherwise the acceptance of our terms is unreserved.

Our company has the right to modify, renew or upgrade a) part or all the terms and conditions b) part or all the content of the eshop c) part or all the interface, the configuration of the eshop and d) part or all the technical specifications, without previous informing of the user/ consumer/ visitor/ member. It’s your responsibility to read the terms at regular interval, because the applicable terms are in force at the time of the preparation of the contract.

Also our company has the right anytime, unjustifiably and without previous warning of the user/ consumer/ visitor /member to cancel, suspend or end the operation of the eshop. The user/ consumer/ visitor/ member acknowledge and accept unreservedly the above when navigating or uses the services of the eshop.

If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions, you can contact us through the Contact Form of the website. The Agreement (as defined below) can be executed, in any of the languages that the terms and conditions are available in this website.

1. Personal Data

The information or the personal data that you provide us, are processed based on Privacy Policy. With the use of this website you automatically accept the processing of your data and you state that all these information are true and accurate

2. Use of the website

By using the current website or by making an order through it you undertake:

To use our website only to submit legitimately orders or questions.

Not to submit false or fraudulent orders. If we consider it reasonable that a false or fraudulent order has been submitted we have the right to cancel it or inform the competent authorities.

To provide us with accuracy your email address, your postal address and the rest of your contact info.

Also you agree that we can use this information to contact you in necessary. If you don’t give us all the necessary information, we can’t send your order.

With the submission of the order through the website, you guarantee that you are over 18 years old and that you have the legal capacity to enter into binding contracts.

3. Sales contract – Orders

The information that is included in Terms and Conditions, and the details that are contained in the website are not a sale proposal but an information call. It will not be considered that an agreement has been drawn up between you and us regarding any products unless we confirm your order. If we don’t accept your order and your money are already has been deducted from your bank account, we refund you interest-free in full.

To submit an order you will be asked to follow the purchase procedure and click on the button “PLACE ORDER”. After that you will get an email from us that will confirm your order (Order Confirmation). Receiving the email confirms your order and our acceptance.

4. Product Availability

All the orders are depended on the availability of the products. Based on this, in case of supply difficulties or depletion of stocks, we have the right to inform you by phone or email about similar products equal to or higher in value and quality, that you can order. If you don’t want to place a new order we will refund you interest-free in full.

5. Order rejection

We have the right to withdraw a product anytime and to remove or modify any content of the site. Under certain circumstances that can occur, we might have to reject your order even after the confirmation email.

We have no liability to you or any third part in case of withdrawal of any product or content in this website or for the order rejection even you have received the confirmation email.

6. Delivery

As said in condition 5 above, about the availability of the products and in case of having certain circumstances, we will do our best to complete and deliver your order within the estimated delivery time. The delivery is made via A- Post courier and their estimated delivery time is 3-4 working days, after the order confirmation. We don’t complete order Saturdays and Sundays.

Nonetheless, delays may arise depending on the delivery area.

If for any reason we can’t respond to the estimated delivery time, we will inform you and give you the option to continue by setting up a new delivery date, or to cancel the order and refund you.

The order will be complete when you or a third person (powered by you), receive the parcel at the agreed delivery address.

7. Non-delivery

If it becomes impossible for the courier to deliver you the parcel, he will leave a note that will explain when and where you can collect your order. If after 10 days that parcel has not yet been delivered, we will consider that you want to cancel the order and we will refund you as soon as possible (max 14 days).

8. Risk transfer and ownership of products

The responsibility of the products is transferred to you when you or a third person (powered by you) has acquired physical possession and control of the product. The ownership of the products is transferred to you, when we receive the full amount of the products you purchase or when you receive them.

9. The price of the products is the one that is shown in our site anytime, unless the cases of a mistake. We try our best to ensure that all our prices are accurate, but always there is a possibility of a mistake. If we find out that there is a mistake on the price of a product that you have purchased, we will inform you as soon as possible and the either cancel your order or refund you. If it’s impossible to get in contact with you, we will consider your order as cancelled and we will refund you immediately. We are not obliged to supply you any product in the wrong price, even after you have received the confirmation email, as long as the mistake in the price is obvious and can be reasonably recognized also from you as a mistake.

All prices in the site conclude the VAT number. Prices can change anytime, but as far as returns are concerned, they won’t be affected (if you have received a confirmation email of the order).