When we decided to create our own clothing brand we took into consideration two main ambitions : First, we wanted to communicate how clothes can be a lifelong investment and secondly to highlight the importance of producing garments with ethical values. Ethical fashion is a tough challenge if someone actually understands what it is all about. It means fashion which takes into consideration the labor conditions, the people involved and working behind the scenes, as well as the environment and its ecological footprint. We believe that we have achieved some of these goals but everyday we make effort to improve our sources. Additionally we aim to work exclusively with external partners and we try to collaborate with 

manufacturers that share the same work ethic of slow and small production. Currently, we make our garments in a small, family-owned manufacturer in Tuscan, Italy so we can follow up with the production line and ensure the people who work with us comply with our work ethic. Last but not least, we are using high-quality fabrics such as merino wool, cashmere, viscose, silk, and pure cotton. 

Price Explanation 

54% to help cover Rent, website , 

photography, marketing, materials,

sampling, our salaries 


24% VAT 


3,5% Garment maker 

5,9% Fabric 

1,3% Recycled Packaging


3% Postage